Kobe is known as a city having a unique style with the exotic atmosphere in Japan, which has been affected by the foreign cultures and flourished as the international port. It takes one and a half hours to go Kyoto and Nara from here, KOBE.

Sannomiya & Motomachi

This area is the center of life and sightseeing in Kobe. Start from the transportation hub of Sannomiya Station to savor the charms of Kobe as you stroll through its gourmet and shopping streets, and sightseeing spots!
Nankinmachi is the only China Town in West Japan. There are many other enticing gourmet eateries, such as cafes and restaurants, too.

Meriken Park & Harbor land

The seaside spot has symbolic buildings, such as Kobe Port Tower, that catch the eye. Enjoy shopping and cruising the bay. This area is lit up at night making it a beautiful spot to enjoy your evenings in Kobe!

Night View from Mt. Rokko

Mt. Rokko, the symbols of Kobe, has been loved by the locals as great mountain leisure area through the ages. The cable ropeway that operates in the mountains is a must when visiting Mt. Rokko. The panorama of the grand mountain range, the cityscape and the sea, visible from the cable cars and the lookout, is superb. At night, the view of Kobe is stunning at this romantic spot, which is one of the three best night views in Japan.


Experience the lifestyle of Kobe in this area that has many different neighborhoods to enjoy, such as the art museums and many shops popular with the locals at the foot of the mountains, the coastal area famous nationwide for sake, and the well-designed buildings of HAT Kobe.
The coastline from Kobe to Nishinomiya has always been famous nationwide as a sake mecca.
The many museums, which explain the brewing process and display the brewing equipment of old, and breweries in the area evoke an atmosphere that allows you to experience the old and new Japan. Strolling through the area and tasting the sake at each sake brewery would appeal to the adult travelers.


Arima Onsen

Arima Onsen, one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, is a popular tourist destination where visitors can experience Japanese culture, walking around this elegant town with many hot springs, shrines and temples. It has two kinds of springs: reddish-gold springs containing iron and salt called 'gold springs,' and colorless springs containing radium and carbonate called 'silver springs' that are popular with women for making their skin smooth.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle will reopen following the renovation of its main keep on March 27, 2015. It was originally constructed in the mid-14th century and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. The castle is said to resemble a heron with spread wings. Its beautiful setting attracts visitors in all seasons. We eagerly await the completion of the renovation. It is takes about 16 minutes by JR Shinkansen from kobe.